Harini Sondakh, Woman With Myriad Of Talents And Achievements

MANADO, – Harini Sondakh is a current Kartini who is becomes a role model for young people, especially for women.

In his young-age, Harini has achieved many feats by her talents. She also had brought name of Manado City in the national arena, and even International.

Here are the achievements she got:

– Telkomsel School Ambassador representative of North Sulawesi for Student Exchange Scolarship to Singapore, Hongkong and China 2012

– Representative of North Sulawesi in National School Debating Championship (NSDC) in Jakarta 2012

– First Runner Up Development Basketball League (DBL) North Sulawesi 2012

– Siswa Kristen Berprestasi 2012

– Remaja Teladan Puteri GMIM 2012

– First Runner Up Duta Anti Narkoba Manado City 2013

– Lumimuut Minahasa Selatan 2013

– Second runner Up Noni North Sulawesi 2013

– Putri Kemilau Sulawesi 2014

– Roeroe Ambassador 2014

– First Runner Up Ratu Bunga Indonesia 2014

– Putri Duta Mahasiswa Genre Sulawesi Utara 2015

– First Runner Up Putri Duta Mahasiswa Genre Nasional 2015

– Best Four Lomba Kolintang Festival Kawanua Surabaya 2016

– Big Four Miss Indonesia 2018

This beautiful 22-year-old woman is said as ‘Brave Woman’. Where, she is currently on duty as Miss Indonesia. In addition, Harini becomes a great woman since adolescence, because since sitting in Junior High School, she had served as Osis Chairman. Even in Senior High School, she still holds the chairman of Osis and succeeds to become the Osis Chairman in Manado City.

When Zona Utara reporter met Harini in Manado Town Square, Saturday (14/8/2018). Harini with a simple appear, but still looks charming and humble because of her smile that always emit during interview. According to he, being a bravery is prioritizing the integrity as a woman.

“Young people are more especially women, keep up our desire to dig up our potential,” she said.

Despite much activity she has to do, but Harini did not neglect her education, she success having her bachelor degree in Faculty of Economics and Business of Sam Ratulangi University.

Her skill in playing traditional musical instruments of Kolintang, making she becomes a Kolintang freelance teacher at Manado Independent School. And also this talent she showed at talent show in Miss Indonesia.

In addition be success in sports as a basketball player, Harini also has a melodious voice and can dance. So that is why, Harini is a multitalenta woman.

Because often follow beauty event, of course Harini has the ability in English. The proof is when she answered using English about the questions from the jury in the arena of Miss Indonesia.

For her, the definition of beauty is what emanates from within as a woman.

“of course showed the positive things, so that everyone who sees us of doing good things, we can be role models for others,” she said.

Harini reveals about motto of her life is ‘keep moving forward with God’.


Editor: Eva Aruperes

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