MANADO, – June Lihulima is a woman who loves outdoors activity. Her passion for nature is expressed by hobby of mountain climbing and diving.

The woman of Ambon descent was getting attracted to the diving started from he had climbing a mount during rain and saw the other mountaineer using a dive mask.

“It’s so cool to see the mountaineer wearing a diving mask, then I thinking for looking a diving club to learn how to dive. It was 1976,” June told to Zona Utara reporter, on Wednesday (18/4/2018).

June began be a diver, and she ever get award and even become one who tried to support diving in Indonesia, especially in Manado City.

Here are June’s achievements:

– Champion underwater orientation of PON 10 in 1981, it was the first diving into PON.

– Following the record of most divers at Malalayang Beach in 2009.

– Established Scientific Diving Center in Belitung 2011.

– Administrator Persatuan Olahraga Selam Indonesia (POSI) 2007-2016.

– President Committee Confederation Mondaile Des Activities Subaquatiques (CMAS) 2013-2016.

– Chairman of International Relations POSI.

This strong woman is the conqueror of Biak underwater. In 1989, June mapping the underwater potential in Biak.

“At that time, I myself conquered Biak’s vast underwater,” she said.

Lecturer of Marine Medical Science at Indonesia Christian University said that diving is unique, because there are three components. First, Sport is an underwater orientation, those who usually take part in the diving championship. Second, Technique is the one who creates the diver in other words the trainer. Thirdly, scientists are underwater researchers or marine biologists.

According to her, Manado is very developed in sport and technique components and it became the mainstay of POSI. The proof is Manado ever appointed to organizer the International photo contest Asia 2013.

“Human Resources in Manado is very good and ready,” said June.

That way, it can develop potential of marine tourism in North Sulawesi and also the development of athletes dive in North Sulawesi.

June will go to Sangihe to develop tourism under the sea and at the same time develop a POSI organization.

Often,  June is doing clean sea and plant mangroves. Because for her, Indonesia is a marine country whose seas must be guarded, developed and utilized. So, we can know and explore the potential of this nature.


Editor : Christo Senduk

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