MANADO, – The name of Pingkan Mandagi is known to the people of North Sulawesi. Woman who born in Bandung on December 15, 1974 has been brought the great name of North Sulawesi in the national and even international through parachuting sports.

The figure of ‘brave woman’ has become role model for women in North Sulawesi, especially in her profession as an athlete.

However, besides being a parachutist, Pingkan also has another side that can also be role model for women in Indonesia.

Where, in her hectic activity, Pingkan had to divide her time to become a wife and mother of her two children. Every morning, Pingkan takes care of her both children to school, Darel (11) and Kania (8)

In addition, Pingkan also still have to accompany their children after school to do homework, until they are getting bed.

Pingkan currently working in Department of Youth and Sport of North Sulawesi, is also still active in sports organizations, one of them as secretary in several organizations, as well as sports committee.

On weekends, when not attending the parachuting activity , Pingkan spends time with her family, cooking her children’s favorite food, traveling and completing various homework.

Pingkan’s life do not separated from support of her mother Uci Sritjiptowati Mandagi, who also a former parachutist.
Pingkan Mandagi is ready to jump. (Foto: Rarung)

Myriad achievements she ever got in the world of parachuting, such as Merdeka Cup in Jogja 1994, World Championships Efesus Turkey 1997, Asiania Championship in Malaysia 2007, Asiania Championship in Solo 2010, CISM Asia Military Parachuting Championship 2012 and Asiania Championship Open 2014, International Open Parachuting Championship Manado 2005 and 2007, and 2017.

For the Open Championship, Pingkan has won 13 gold, 4 silver and 2 bronze medals. For the National Sports Week throughout 1993-2016 she has collected 11 gold medals, 1 silver and 1 bronze for North Sulawesi. In addition, Pingkan also recorded won the category of Indonesia National Records Cooperation in Air Formation 22 jumpers in 2012 and 24 jumpers Formation 2014.

Other Awards, Best Female Athletes Association of Aero Sport Indonesia Federation (PB-Fasi) in 1995, Indonesian Inspirational Women Award of Sports Category 2009, Indonesian Women Achievement Award Minister of Women Empowerment 2009, 12 Indonesian adventure sports activists 2012, and best athlete of North Sulawesi Province 2013.


Editor: Christo Senduk

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