18 Years Struggling As An Activist, Jull Takaliuang Gets UN Award

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MANADO, ZONAUTARA.com – Threat of murder and harassment did not destabilize Jull Takaliuang in fighting for the rights of oppressed people. Attacked and strangled while talking through a megaphone in attending a trial of gold mining cases in 2007. It is just one example of many threats and challenges her facing in fighting for the society rights.

During 18 years being an activist for environment, human rights, women and children make Jull gets an award from United Nations (UN), N-Peace Award 2015. It was not an easy path, she had been under house arrest for four months.

When meet at his home, this 48-year-old woman admitted grateful to be able to win an award from the United Nations. Moreover, he is the only Indonesia representative who received the award.

“I am very grateful. I am proud to represent Indonesia. I did not expect before, because I am not expecting to get reward,” said Jull, Sunday (4/22/2018).

An alumnus of Indonesia Literature in Manado Sam Ratulangi University admitted that she received N-Peace Award 2015 award from United Nations Development Program (UNDP) Untold Story category at United Nations Headquarters, New York, October 23, 2015.

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She told it started from the environmental pollution cases in Buyat Bay in 2004. Jull along with Doctor Jane Pangemanan found the symptoms of diseases like a poisoning derived from heavy metals due the operation of gold mine.

Executive Director of Suara Nurani Minaesa Foundation said, that her participation in N-Peace award was due to his frien motivation and encouragement. Together with 100 people from various countries in Asia, Jull went through the stage of supporting beam.

“To get supporting beam is rather difficult because it must pass three stages and end with email verification,” she said.

Women born in Menggawa Village, Tamako Subdistrict, Sangihe Archipelago District said the her award because of support from Indonesian people, especially those concerned in human rights and environment.

Bringing the good of Indonesia name did not make accompanied by Indonesian government.

“The government had known about my award, because I had been informed by the Ministry of Village that the possibility of the Dirjennya will follow,” he said.

But Jull had been disappointment because did not accompanied by the government, but it was healed while in New York she could met with President Joko Widodo.

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“Jokowi’s response is very good. I never thought would get a positive response from president,” she admitted.

Jull Takaliuang met President Joko Widodo after accepted N-Peace Award 2015 in New York.

The beloved mother of Garth Imanuel Koleangan is told about her activity in advocacy always get a threat and even she had been under house arrest for four months.

“At that time I was handling mining company cases in North Minahasa that unlicensed be parked and cut the ropes of community fishing boats. I was accused of inciting people to burn a small post,” she said.

For her, activist is not an easy job. But herself is so difficult to escape from society problems.

“My goal is not to be famous, just by helping people is enough happy for me. I do not know why choosing to run this life by exerting all my mind, energy, and everything I have,” said Jull.

Her heart’s eye cannot bear to see the suffering of marginalized people that oppressed by the state system, and they do not find access to justice.

“So I chose to fight with them. That is happiness,” she explained.


Editor: Eva Aruperes

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