Indonesia Is ‘Emergency’ Of Terrorist

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MANADO, – A series of terror attacks are in Indonesia. Launched by the terrorist organization Jamaah Ansarut Daulah (JAD), which is an ISIS extension in Indonesia. The terror attack started with a suicide bombing in three churches in Surabaya, on Sunday, May 13, 2018 at around 7:30 am. At night, the attack continued in Rusunawa Wonocolo, Sidoarjo, East Java.

In the morning, May 14, 2018 the attack was launched again. The perpetrators were ride a motorcycle, blowing themselves in front of the gate of Poltabes Headquarters in Surabaya. Two days of the terrorist action in East Java make result deaths of 28 people, including civilians, terrorists and officials. 57 others injured.

Because of the incident, Indonesia Police confirmed that Indonesia was set to the status of Alert One or emergency of terrorist.

The Alert One statement was confirmed by Head of Public Relations Division of Police Headquarters Irjen Setyo Wasisto when giving information at Police Headquarters in Jakarta, Monday (14/5/2018).

“All of place in Indonesia is ordered to increase security,” Setyo said.

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Alert One means improving security personnel. While the community still can do their daily acitivity.

“This applies to actively the internal police, for the community just does their activity we will keep them,” Setyo said.

But terror acts have not stopped, on Wednesday, May 16, 2018 at around 9:00 am the attack occurred again in Riau Police Headquarters. Two policeman dies with terrorist. The perpetrators of four people were successfully crushed, three terrorist were shot dead, another one was disabled.

A total of 13 terrorist Jamaah Ansarut Daula (JAD) be arrested by Special Detachment Team (Densus) 88 Indonesian National Police for two days after the terror attacks in Surabaya.

“A total of 13 have been arrested, two people have been killed,” Police Headquarters Inspector General Setyo Wasisto said, Wednesday (16/5/2018) as reported by

Setyo said, the alleged terrorists have their roles in JAD such as explosive equipment assemblers and the reservoir of funds.

One of JAD’s terrorists who shot dead was Budi Satrio. Budi was shot for a fight with police. Budi’s position in Jad is important, he acts as a reserve fund for JAD. Another terrorist is Faka Wicang, he is other JAD members also died by Densus 88.

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During the operation Setyo said, Densus 88 has seized various types of explosives including active bombs that ready to explode from JAD’s house.

“Investigators also have found a bag of materials that are ready to be assembled,” he said.

Setyo said, that Densus 88 is still pursuing other JAD members. According to him, this terrorist is indeed doing the post movement because of their leader Aman Abdurahman has arrested.

Meanwhile, as reported, in a search on Tuesday, May 15, 2018 afternoon, Densus 88 team of Police Headquarters found 54 homemade bombs that are ready to be detonated.

54 bombs were packed in 27 plastic containers, each containing 2 pipe bombs. These bombs were subsequently collected and detonated at the military training complex of East Surabaya Military District Command (Kodim 0831), that have three explosions.


Editor : Christo Senduk

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