Salak, The Fruit Souvenir From Tagulandang Island

MANADO, – When visited Tagulandang Island, it is incomplete if you do not bring home Salak or Snakefruit. It is a species of palm tree.

Salak sellers at Bahoi Tagulandang Port Lidya Manabung, 41, said, that salak is the most sought souvenir from Tagulandang. Woman who live in Kampung Islam, admitted she had been sell Salak at port since 2008.

“The advantage of selling this fruit depends on the ship docked at Bahoi Port. Sometimes it sold out but also no buyers,” said Manabung.

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The price of Salak is various from Rp10.000 to Rp50.000, it depending on its packaging.
Salak is a souvenir from Tagulandang Island  (Foto: Rarung)

Krisye Makinggung has often buy salak to bring home as souvenirs when visiting Tagulandang Island.

“Salak always be a souvenir for my family and friends when we visit Tagulandang Island,” said Krisye.

Masita Sasiritang, 52, is another Salak seller said that Kampung Islam, Kelurahan Balehumara is one of the producers of Salak. Sometimes, there is a direct purchase at home.

Known, Bawoleu and Kampung Islam in Tagulandang Island is a producer Salak.

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Editor : Christo Senduk

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