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Peasants as the first hunger

Today, many Peasants have more eliminated by land grabbing or agrarian issue that will destroy traditional farming.

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By: Ica Wulansari

The world will face the worst problem of poverty and hunger. The outbreaks of poverty and hunger due to climate change impact. FAO (2016) has estimated that 1.2 billion people will live in extreme poverty, 900 million live in rural areas and 750 million work in agriculture, most of them are peasants. Ironically that people who work as peasant will be the first victims who get hungry and poor. In fact, Indonesia`s National Bureau of Statistic in February 2017 released data of labour which is work in agriculture, plantation, forestry and fisheries reached the highest number of whole labour in Indonesia at 39.678.453 people.

Climate change will be the most dangerous impact for agriculture due to climate extreme, drought, flood and significant decline of rainfall. Then, it will endanger for loss harvest yield. Ironically, peasants should pay more money for pesticide which they believed as ‘remedy’  as a result of green revolution. In fact, using pesticide will make the pests outbreak to be more resistant and it ironically will has minor efficacy in eradicating the pests. In addition, when peasants suffering of loss yield, they will be in a loneliness without compensation.

Climate Change Impact

Based on climate regime that agriculture activity is the one of greenhouse effect contributor. However, agricultural sector in developing countries is generally not part of industry. Agricultural sector is related closely with rural society as their main livelihood.

In developing countries, peasant has subsistence with limited farm land less than 2 hectares then they are indicated as poor people. Unfortunately, they do not get benefit properly from their production due to market mechanism and less good policy to make them prosperous. The worse part of it, aside from poverty, peasants have a serious threat from climate change that is harmful for their livelihood.

Saving the peasants from climate change impact should be the most priorities of the development agenda. The idea of adaptation strategy has generally focus on agriculture production, such as agriculture technology, adjustment of cropping period and financial assistance from donor. Meanwhile, adaptation strategy has less attention to support peasants to be resilience.

Adaptation strategy should be prefer bottom-up approach that it will produce and develop new knowledge and learning from the peasants. The most critical issue that they are become marginal due to strengthening of general perception that they are powerless and uneducated.

Then, the compatible agenda for agriculture sector in developing countries is not concentrated to reduce the emission, yet to empowering peasants from absolute poverty trap.

Today, many Peasants have more eliminated by land grabbing or agrarian issue that will destroy traditional farming. Traditional farming stand for simple purpose to feed peasants and their family. Sadly, they have to sell their harvest yield with minimum price without having benefits for their need then they will be the first person to be hunger.

ICA WULANSARI:Freelance writer and Doctorate student of Sociology Studies at Padjadjaran University, Bandung, Indonesia.

Editor: Ronny A. Buol

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Who was the first contracted the corona virus?

According to government data, a 55 years old from Hubei province could be the first person to contact Covid 19 on November 17, 2019.

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ZONAUTARA.COM – The coronavirus or Covid 19 has become a pandemic, as determined by WHO (World Health Organization) The disease had been affected people in more than 100 countries, including Indonesia.

Now, it is focused on handling and preventing the coronavirus. Until this article was written, there were 173,167 people infected worldwide, and 6,664 of them had died.

The originate of this virus is known from Wuhan in Hubei Province, China. Many people say, the coronavirus stems from people who eat bat meat. But who was the first person contracted the coronavirus?

South China Morning Post (SCMP) media tried to trace it by looking at documents owned Chinese Government. The search took them on an important date, November 17, 2019.

At the last days of 2019, Chinese authorities had identified at least 266 people were infected, these patients were under medical supervision at several points.

Interviews with whistle blowers from medical community showed that doctor in China just realized that they were facing a completely new disease at the end of December.

Scientists had mapped the pattern of early Covid 19 transmission in central China on January, two months before the outbreak became a global health crisis.

Finding out undetected and undocumented cases are so important to understand how the disease spreads and would be increased scientists’ understanding of the threat size of the coronavirus.

According to government data, a 55 years old from Hubei province could be the first person to contact Covid 19 on November 17, 2019.

From that date onwards, one to five new cases are reported every day. On December 15, total number of infected reached 27 people. The double digit increase in infected people was first reported on December 17 and on December 20. The total number of confirmed cases at that time has reached 60 people.

On December 27, Zhang Jixian, a doctor from Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital in Hubei Province, told that Chinese authorities that the disease was caused by a new coronavirus. On that date, more than 180 people had been infected, even though doctors may not have known all of them at the time.

On the last day of 2019, the number had increased to 266, and on the first day of 2020, the number had reached 381 cases.

Patient zeor

Scientists are wanting to identify who is called the “Patient Zero”. Because that patient can help them to track down the true source of coronavirus. Until this time coronavirus is thought that jump from wild animals to humans, which is very likely from bats.

From the first cases that include nine people had reported in November. They were four men and five women, but no one was confirmed as patient zero. These nine people are aged between 39 and 79 years, but unknown how many of them are from Wuhan, which is believed as the center of the coronavirus spread.

It is possible that the cases arrived earlier but untracked in documents studied by SCMP.

According to WHO website, the first Covid 19 case confirmed in China occurred on December 8, 2019, but the world health organization did not track in detail, just relied the information from its member countries.

Another report published in medical journal The Lancet, written by Chinese doctors from Jinyintan Hospital in Wuhan, which treats some of the earliest patients, said the first known infection was December 1, 2019.

Dr Ai Fen, the first person who opens this information to the public, had told to People magazine in an interview that was later censored. The tests showed a patient at Wuhan Central Hospital was diagnosed on December 16 as an unknown person who infected the coronavirus.

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