MANADO, ZONAUTARA.COMManado becomes an interesting city to be visit for its tourism destination, located at the Bay of Manado, and surrounded by mountains area. Manado, North Sulawesi is a land of magnificent coral reefs protecting, mountains and active volcanoes. There are a lot of great things to do while you are visiting Manado.

Beside the 6 wonderful places in Manado, there also wonderful places in Minahasa and Tomohon city that is not too far from Manado, here those are:

Kali Waterfall
Foto: Adolof Buol

Kali Waterfall, better known as Tatapahan Telu, located in the middle of a forest in the village of Kali, Pineleng district, Minahasa regency that can be reached during the 20 minutes from Manado by car or motorcycle. Can also be heard the sounds of other animals such as squirrels and tropical birds such as hummingbirds and parrots.

On the way to the waterfall can also be found that palm trees are being tapped and nira water accommodated in bamboo.

After going through the mossy path, the journey will end at a waterfall. This waterfall taste of two great rivers is likely to come from Tomohon, while a small waterfall coming from the springs in the neighborhood. There is a moss-covered bridge that connects the two banks of the river. From this bridge one can see up close and enjoy the scenic waterfall Kali. Standing in this place people will be wet by water droplets. While the views of the bridge itself as in fairy tales.

Vihara Ekayana Temple
Foto: Adolof Buol

Vihara Ekayana temple is located in Tomohon city, at Jalan Sunge, Kaskasen village that can reached about 1 hour from Manado city. The cool air would be felt instantly when entering Tomohon city.

The lies between Mount Lokon and this Mahawu, stands a monastery or a temple. The existence of a place for Buddhist or Taoist worshipers here is very special considering the majorities in Tomohon are Christians. The temple stands among churches, something that show tolerance among Tomohon people. However, the Buddhayana Temple is said to have existed since the 80’s. However, it was only inaugurated in 2009 by the Governor of North Sulawesi, Sarundayang.

While entering this temple visitors will be greeted by 18 statues of Lohan. Lohan is namely a symbol or a representation of a sinner who was return to the right way, there are 18 statues symbolized 18 enlightened sinners.

Not far from the sits of Pagoda, there is a pool equipped with fountains. The pool, which is believed to bring good luck and fortune decorated with a statue of giant frog-headed dragon.

Bukit Doa

Bukit Doa or Prayer Hills is located in Tomohon city, Kakaskasen 2 village reached about one hour from Manado city. Bukit Doa Tomohon is a location that has ‘cross path’; the path is not in the shaped of the cross, but the way it tells the story of Jesus before being crucified and in this hill there are also several locations that tells some stories about Jesus. In addition to the spot that tells about Jesus, there is also amphitheater and Chapel of Mother Mary.

Linow Lake
Foto: Adolof Buol

Linow Lake is located in Lahendong village, Tomohon city that reached about two hours from Manado city. When passing through the area of Lahendong, at some point we will smell ‘fart’ kind a smell, that taken from sulfur smell around the hot water.

One of the leading tourist destinations of Tomohon is Lake Linow, a beautiful lake which showing the beauty of 3 colors lake. In addition to the exquisite beauty, the weather in the lake area is also very cool. Wandering the banks of the lake can also be one of activities that can be done in this lake. But better not to swim, because of the high sulfur content can make the body get injured.

Are those wonderful, aren’t it? So, let make a plan to visit Manado city. You would be regret when footed in this city.

Editor: Ronny A. Buol

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