Child In Kabasaran Dance

Penulis: Tessa Senduk

MANADO, – Kabasaran is a traditional Minahasa war dance from North Sulawesi, Indonesia. The dancer is performed in red costume, wielding a sword or spear with a shield. Accompanied by the sound of drum or gong, and kolintang.

There was attract of Kabasaran dance in Festival Selat Lembeh in Bitung city, a 6th year child making the audience unnerved of his attraction. His name is Nizam Hamisi, a kid who was so brave and agile swinging his little sword. Moreover, while attraction Nizam face with men and also challenging a man duel with him. Not only that, he also sliced his arms and body with the sword he carried.

His father, Risdianto Hamizi who also Kabasaran dancer said that, his son has been trailing form 3 years old.

“I never suggest him to learn Kabasaran dance, but he become interested when he saw me train the other children.” Said Risdianto, who Kabasaran dance coach of several school in Bitung.

According to Risdianto, Kabasaran dance is not complicated to learn, as long as you want be loved this culture you could be a Kabasaran dancer.


Indonesian version: Rizali Posumah

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