Manado City Government Presents ‘Road Sweeper’

MANADO, – In order to support the sanitation in Manado City, the Government through Dinas Lingkungan Hidup dan Kebersihan(DLHK)  or Department of Environmental and Hygiene presents road sweeper vehicle.

Monitoring of Zona Utara journalists on Thursday (4/1/2018), this vehicle operates around Sparta Tikala Field Road. The garbage passed by the road sweeper was washed away and sucked into the vehicle.

Head of DLHK Manado City Yohanis B Waworuntu, through Head Handling and Waste Reduction of Manado City Lieke Kembuan revealed, this vehicle just have one unit in Manado City. Where, the vehicle has been launched by the Mayor in December 2017 and will operate on several protocol roads or main roads.

“Road Sweepers will operate at certain hour, when traffic is still quiet at 5:00 am, in some main roads like Sam Ratulangi Road, around Taman Kesatuan Bangsa and Boulevard Street,” Lieke said to reporters Zona Utara.

According to her, this diesel-fueled vehicle is not to replace the janitor actually, but help the janitors.

“We have two divers who will operate this vehicle, they are Daily Power Off that will operate interchangeably. The garbage from this vehicle will be tarred to the waste bucket and then to dumping place in the sub-district,” explained Lieke.

Some residents who witnessed this vehicle while operated, hoping the residents in Manado city would be more care about cleanliness.

“Although we have a sophisticated tool though, but the awareness of citizens is also the main thing to not littering and not throw garbage into the road,” concluded two residents who met around Field Sparta Tikala, Jhon Salim and Joldie Nicholaus.


Editor: Eva Aruperes

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