Sara Island, The Sand Smooth Like Flour

MANADO, – Did you know Talaud Islands Regency? The regency that were formed in 2002, Talaud Island is a division with Sangihe Island Regency (formerly Sangihe Talaud Island Regency).

Talaud located in northernmost of Indonesia and directly borders with Philippines. Talaud has 37,800 km2 and a land area of ​​1,251.02 km2 spread over 17 islands. Eight are among inhabited islands and the other nine are uninhabited islands. So that makes the Talaud Islands a marvelous and splendid marine tourism destination, one of the wonderful island is Sara Island.

Sara Island is located between Karakelang (Melonguane) and Salibabu (Lirung) Islands. It does not take a long time to go there just reach about 30 minutes from Melonguane and 15 minutes from lirung. Sarah Island is one of nine uninhabited islands in Talaud.

The cost of transportation is also fairly cheap, only Rp 250.000 we can rent a speed boat for four people from Melonguane, and Rp 150.000 from Lirung.

Sara Island becomes a suitable place for who want to relax, because of this island we can enjoy the sunrise behind Kabaruan Island and romantic sunset behind Salibabu Island. If we come at lucky time we can enjoy the milky beauty of the island.

Some public facilities have been built on the island with an area of 0.40km2, including public toilets, cottages, and jogging tracks. For those of us who are curious about this island, just about  45 minutes through the jogging track, we can already around the island of Sara and enjoyed and you will realize how beauty this island.

The best thing of Sara is the white sand. If we come to this island is obliged to bring sunglasses, because the white sand is very glare by the sun. And the most interesting is the sand on Sara Island is very smooth like flour.


Editor: Eva Aruperes

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