Soma Dampar, Alternative Way to Fishing in Bad Weather

MANADO, – The loud voice of a group of citizens who are on the coast of Kambehu Beach, as if competing with the swish of the waves.

Sometimes it sounds like angry and sometimes sounds a bit rough. However, after being traced, the voices came from several fishermen, who temporarily pulled the net, at Kambehu Beach, located in Makawidey Village, Aertembaga District, Bitung City.

Where, the crowd of fishermen consisting of women and men turned out to remind each other, so that fish that have been netted will not be separated again.

Julin Jakob (59), one of the residents who live on the coast, who also actively pulled the net explained that the fishing catch system is often called Tagaho.

“In other words Soma (net) Dampar,” said Julin.

According to Julin, the purpose of using  soma dampar, namely to catch small fish because again the season. The existence of these fish was not far away, but only on seashore.

“Incidentally, the fish just in seashore so the fishermen do not have to go to sea. Although the extreme weather, but we still have income, through the activities Soma Dampar,” said Julin.

He added that although the results are not as much as if fishing in the middle of the sea, but they could still have income.

“In a day, we can pull the net twice. Only within 15 meters from the beach, with a depth of nine meters,” he added.

According to him, they can catch as many as 40 white buckets of small fish in a day.

“In addition to be food in our home, and most of them are sold to fish company PT Bintang Mandiri Bersama,” he said.

The company has to pay Rp 3.000.000 per 20 bucket.

The fishermen can also get about Rp 6.000.000 million per day of the small fish. Where, the company used the small fish as a bait to catch skipjack fish.

“The samll fish we catch every day, the results are divided into two. Half for me as the owner of the net, and half for those involved arrest,” said Julin.


Editor: Rahadih Gedoan

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