Four ‘Tang Sin’ Will Enliven The Procession of Cap Go Meh in Bitung City

MANADO, – Four Tang Sin will enliven Cap Go Meh procession in Bitung City, on Friday (2/3/2018). Secretary of Bitung City Audy Pangemanan in a meeting with the board of Seng Bo Kiong Temple said that beside the four Tang Sin that will ride four Kio there are also Cakalele Dance and Bamboo Music.

“This procession will start from the front of Zinc Seng Bo Kiong Temple towards the intersection of Inkoaksu, then down to the DPRD Bitung and turn right to the front of the mayor’s office,” said Pangemanan.

He continued, in front of the mayor’s office has prepared the main stage. The distance of the procession is estimated about 5 kilometers.

“The Government of Bitung City is fully supports this activity. Because it is included in the calendar of event of Bitung City Government,” said Pangemanan.

Therefore, Department of Transportation and the Department of Health will be actively involved in this event.

It is known that the implementation of the Cap Go Meh procession was carried out after the Cie Sin procession with Poe Pwe media by clergy Tridharma in Seng Bo Kiong Temple, Monday (19/2/18).

“We expect the support from the society in Bitung City because the procession of Cap Go Meh has been sanctioned by God.  In order to create a harmonious life, blessings, and away from disaster,” said clergy of Seng Bo Kiong Rolly Ciwulusan.


Editor: Rahadih Gedoan

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