The Meaning Of Tawur Kesanga And Ogoh-ogoh

MANADO, – Tawur Kesanga and Ogoh-ogoh Festival by Hindus in the field of Sparta Tikala Manado, Friday (16/3/2018). In order to celebrate New Year’s Day Nyepi Saka 1940.

Chairman of Parisada Hindu Dharma Indonesia Manado City Ida Bagus Ketut Alit explains, Tawur means to pay or return.

“Because it’s been a year we take the produce of the earth, now we did this ritual to restore for this nature in order to its sustainable,” he said.

The Ogoh-ogoh Festival Parade is supported by the Interfaith Religious Cooperation Agency, Kabasaran Dance, Barongsai, Drum Band, Bamboo Music, and the last is Ogoh-ogoh by Beleganjur Art and Tari Tabuh Wijaya Kusumah.

He added, ogoh-ogoh is a puppet or a variety of statues that symbolize the negative elements, bad traits, and evils that exist around human life.

The doll was once made of a bamboo frame covered with paper. Over time, most ogoh-ogoh are made with Styrofoam basic ingredients for finer three-dimensional shapes.

They prepared ogoh-ogoh is weeks before Nyepi. Ogoh-ogoh has various style, depending on the size, type of material, designer, and the complexity of the ogoh-ogoh design.

Uniquely the two ogoh-ogoh who were paraded given the writing Stop Corruption … !!! Corruption…? Bikin Malu Aja and Brenti Jo Bagate ...! No Drugs … !!!.

According to Ida, that letter is only to invite the people to do not corruption, drunk, and must eliminate the bad traits of human beings.

Editor: Ronny A. Buol

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