Sri Wahyumi Manalip: “Thank You Minister of Home Affairs”

MANADO, – Sri Wahyumi Manalip explained that he had accepted the decision of the Minister of Home Affairs (Mendagri) who gave sanctions on her.

“Yes, I have sent a letter to the Minister of Home Affairs, thank you,” said Manalip when met journalist Zonautara at Manhatan Hotel, Jakarta, Friday (19/1/2018).

The letter sent by Manalip was in response to the Decree of the Minister of Home Affairs that temporarily dismiss her from Regent of Talaud Archipelago.

“I just received the Decree from Minister of Home Affairs on January 16. Whereas, letter was dated on January 5,” said Manalip.

Manalip protest about the news that said she has been against the Minister of Home Affairs’s sanctions.

“Reality, I am no longer there (Office of Talaud Regent), it means I do not against to the Minister,” said Added.

She explained that after conducting a medical examination ordered by KPU Talaud, because she would back to the regent election, then she returned to Melonguane.

“At that time I was startle, the crowd picked me up. And I am just trying to calm the masses,” said Manalip.

Nevertheless Manalip regretted some things related to his temporary dismissal.

One of the points she highlighted was the exaggerate sanctions from the Minister of Home Affairs.

“On November I have got a reprimand from the Governor. So it be twice sanctioned for me,” said Manalip.

Sri Wahyumi Manalip is temporarily disabled for 3 months because she did outrage, she was go abroad without permission.

She went to the United States from October to November 2017 for 3 weeks. She got invitation from American Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Therefore, Petrus Tuange is appointed to be temporary executive as Regent of Talaud Archipelago.


Editor: Eva Aruperes

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