Tomato is The Biggest Inflation in Manado City

MANADO, – Manado City had inflation in February 2017. The data from North Sulawesi Central Bureau of Statistics showed inflation in Manado City is 0.56 percent. Meanwhile, for calendar year inflation is 1.05 percent and year-on-year price increase of 1.22 percent.

Head of Distribution in North Sulawesi Central Bureau of Statistics Marthedy M. Tenggehi explained that the price increase in February 2018 because have an increase in some Consumer Price Index, in the expenditure group excluding junk food, beverages, cigarette and tobacco, transport, communication and financial services expenditures.

“If we percentage in each group, expenditure index changes in the group of junk food expenditure is 2.65 percent, and the group of junk food, beverages, cigarettes and tobacco are 0.02 percent,” said Marthedy.

The expenditure index changes also occurred in the housing, water, electricity, gas and fuel expenditure group are 0.09 percent, the clothing expenditure is 0.19 percent, the group of transport, communication and financial services expenses are 0 ,06 percent. While the expenditure group of health, education, recreation and sports expenditure did not have change or stable.

“The biggest contributor to inflation in Manado City in February 2018 is tomatoes 0.266 percent, while the largest deflation contributor is lemon of -0.042 percent,” he said.


Editor: Ronny A. Buol

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