MANADO, – Citilink Indonesia Airlines offers convenience for community. This promotion is give to consumers who want to do vacation.

The promo of 25 percent discount for children under 12 and aged over 65.

Tia Nugraha, District Sales Manager of Citilink Manado said, this promo is an appreciation to Citilink loyal customers.

“Not just discounts for children and aged, we also give 10 percent discount for passengers who buy tickets round trip,” said Tia, Wednesday (25/4/2018).

Discount promo for children and aged just apply for single ticket purchase or 10 percent discount applies only for round-trip tickets.

“This offer for all Citilink flight routes and does not apply to purchases through mobile applications,” she said.

Furthermore, promotion tickets does not apply to check-in at the website or self check-in at the airport. Therefore, passengers must check in at counter with an ID card which being verify before.

If the data is not suitable, passengers must increase the cost of tickets according to normal prices.

“Passengers of children and aged will get priority boarding passes,” Tia said.


Editor: Eva Aruperes

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